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1) On Line services by phone, Chat or E mail.

You can talk directly to the doctor for medical advices or for a second opinion. You want to know different alternatives of treatments or maybe your physician advised you to have surgery - you're confused and do not know if surgery would be the best option.

2) Latest technologies solutions for dizziness, sinusitis, otitis, rinitis, snoring and tinnitus

We are proud to offer you the most advanced technologies from all over the world; several of the treatments, diagnostic examinations and surgeries, are unique in South and North America. In order to offer you the best technologies available on the market, Dr. Jaimes-Lambert assists to all major congress in United States and Europe.

3) Alternatives of treatment with minimally invasive surgery

We emphasize an approach which allows the patient to be able to benefit of all existing minimal invasive treatment. For example, instead of withdrawing the tonsils of a patient, we do a procedure for the reduction of the tonsils. This less invasive and painful procedure can even be done under local anesthesia. In addition, the patient preserves his tonsils, which have an important function of first barrier immune system.

4) Surgeries exclusively with Radio frequencies

All the surgeries are realized with the help of Radio frequencies. The Radio frequencies is widely used in United-States. This technology allows minimum bleeding, fewer trauma of the tissus, postoperatory minimal pain, better cicatrization, better aesthetic results and minimal costs for the patient.


1) Consultation with Dr. Pilar Jaimes-Lambert (Graduated from France as E.N.T.)

You will benefit from the intenacional experience of the Dr. Pilar Jaimes-Lambert, who has acquired a vast and solid knowledge. Graduated from the Université René Descarte, Paris, France, Dr. Jaimes-Lambert had the opportunity to practice in France, Colombia, and Canada to finally open the only E.N.T. private exclusive practice in Medellin (10 minutes from the International Airport of Medellin), Colombia. The medical consultation with Dr. Jaimes-Lambert can be done in English, Spanish or French.

2) Professional consultation of one hour

We take the necessary time to diagnose and to explain to the patient the pathology found and to suggest alternatives of treatments. We often threat the most difficult cases, in which the conventional methods have not given results.

HomeTreatment and PricesSurgeryAdvantagesNoveltiesFAQSContact us